FAQ - 10 Essential Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Essential Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Issue/Environment/User Group

A Student, Faculty, or Staff member is having trouble with how long it takes to do certain basic functions on a Windows 10 PC


The user is not aware of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that will increase productivity


“Windows key” = mceclip0.png (this key is in the bottom left of your keyboard, between alt and fn)

Search for anything – “Windows key” + S

Get personalized results to searches for people, email, files in local and shared sites, or information from the web.

Take a screenshot – “Windows key” + “Shift” + S

               Capture and mark up all or part of your PC screen or any image, then save and share.

Access clipboard history – “Windows key” + V

Save recent copied or cut items on the clipboard so you can paste them in other apps or sync across devices.

Talk instead of type – “Windows key” + H

               Use speech recognition to convert spoken words into text anywhere on your PC.

Express yourself with emoji – “Windows key” + .

Search for small images, symbols, or icons to express emotions or communicate playfully without words.

Clear window clutter – “Windows key” + D

Quickly access the desktop window behind all other windows that hosts computer icons for files and folders.

Lock your screen – “Windows key” + L

               Quickly lock your screen to prevent others from accessing your computer.

Quickly switch tasks – “Windows key” + “Tab”

Display and switch between open windows or multiple workspaces. See activities across your devices for the past 30 days with timeline.

Snap windows side by side – “Windows key” + “←” or “→”

               Perfectly snap windows to the sides without the need to resize and position them manually.

Quickly change settings – “Windows key” + A

Access app notifications and commonly used settings – or quick actions – in a single pop-up sidebar.


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