Blackboard - Reuse Questions for Faculty

In a new exam or an existing exam, click on reuse questions, then click on Find Questions. 

In the Browse Criteria, open tests, and check off the tests you want to copy questions from: 


You will then see a dialog box labeled Find Question Mode that provides two options for finding questions: 



Copy selected questions: This option will make a copy of the selected questions.  If changes are made to the question copy, it only affects the copy. 

Link to original questions: This option creates a link to an existing question in Blackboard.  If changes are made to a linked question, that change will appear in every instance in which the question is used. 

If you are unsure, use Copy Selected Questions.  

The following is an explanation of all the options on this screen. To put it simply, check off the questions you want to bring into the new exam, then click Submit. 



You will now see a screen labeled Find Questions that will allow you to select questions to reuse: 

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box and click Go to search for individual questions,
  2. Browse Criteria: Or click on the links on the left to browse for questions in individual tests, pools, question types, or categories.
  3. Criteria Summary: The selected questions will appear here.
  4. Check the checkboxes (highlighted in yellow in the image above) to the left of the questions you wish to add.
  5. Use the page navigation buttons to select questions from more than one page, or click the Show All button to show all items at once, or click the Edit Paging button to change how many items are displayed on the page..
  6. Selected Questions: The number of selected questions will appear here.
  7. When finished, click the Submit button.


After clicking the Submit button, you will be returned to the Test Canvas.  The Test Canvas will allow you to create a new question, rearrange, edit, and delete questions, and change the point value of each question. 

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