Gradebook Navigation - Items List and Student Grid

Grade Book: Gradable items list & Student grid

The Gradable Items list is your default view of the course gradebook. You can view all the coursework you've assigned and your grading progress. You can also access the management functions.

You can switch to the Students tab to view an overall picture of each student’s engagement. mceclip2.png

Determine your view. Change from list view to the student grid view.


Check your progress. See how many submissions you need to grade and grades you have to post. Complete indicates you have no outstanding grading tasks for that item. All graded appears when all submitted attempts are graded and posted, but some students haven't submitted work yet and don't have grades.

Manage grades. Open an item's menu to access the management functions, such as Edit and Delete.

Add a row. Select the plus sign wherever you want to add a row:

  • Add Item: Add a row for coursework, such as a participation grade. Your title is limited to 255 characters. Choose the grade unit, such as points or letter.
  • Add Calculation: Add a row for a calculation, such as an average assignments grade.
  • Add Attendance: Add a row for attendance. After you add attendance, the add option won't appear in the menu again.


Student Tab


A) Change your view. Easily navigate between the Gradable Items and the Students tab to see your grading tasks and up-to-the-minute information about your students.

B) View student information. View a list of your students along with columns for Student IDUsernameLast Access, and Overall Grade. For the Overall Grade column, you need to set up the overall grade for grades to appear in the grade pills. The overall grade displays as a grade or a percentage; you get to choose how it displays. You can sort the list in ascending, descending or default order by clicking the corresponding column header arrow icon.

C) Search for a student. Limit your search to a few letters or the first or last name for the best results. You can also search by student ID and username, if the latter is made visible by your institution.

D) Set your view. Use the Items per page menu to select how many student rows to show on a page.

E) Navigate the list. Use the menu at the top or bottom of the page to move to the previous and next pages in the student list.

F) Accommodations and Messages: Select the three dot menu at the end of each student row to view or create accommodations for a specific student, or to send direct messages. 


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