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Course/Organization Page

The courses and organizations tabs are the most accessed places in Blackboard. This page has the following features and functions:

  • Search Box - both courses and organizations pages have a search box where users can search by course title or course ID:

  • Term selector - This dropdown menu allows you to choose a term to filter courses by. You can use on its own or with other filters:

  • Filters can be cleared by clicking the "x" on the right of the pill it appears in:

  • You can set filters, make term choices, and add text searches. All of these are clearly displayed below the search box. Remove these search settings or filters to see more courses or organizations. Remove them by selecting the close icon “x” on each.

  • Your selections and filters are remembered automatically even if you log out or switch devices. Set up the pages the way you like, and we’ll keep it that way until you change it.
  • The terms selector has specific logical behaviors to help users:
    • “Current Courses” and “Current Organizations” are the default term selections. 
    • You can now choose to view “All Terms” to see everything regardless of term.


      • The “Upcoming Courses” and “Upcoming Organizations” term options will only display if you have upcoming courses/organizations. Not all users have upcoming courses. 


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