Preparing for Online Proctored Exams

Some exams, such as midterms and finals, require proctoring. USAHS uses automated proctoring through Respondus for computer-proctored exams. Not all proctored exams will use computer proctoring; your instructor will inform you if using Respondus is required for your exam.

Automated proctoring uses a combination of webcam observation through artificial intelligence technology and recording and a “lockdown browser,” which disables the opening of other programs during the exam session. You will login during your designated exam window, confirm your identity using the program, and take your exam with webcam recording. Your session is recorded, and if something is “flagged” such as leaving your testing location, or background noise or movement, then your instructor can review your session to ensure exam integrity. The system that the university is using for automated proctoring is “Respondus.”

For Respondus proctoring, you must have a webcam.

Automated Live Proctoring with Respondus

The University uses Respondus for automated proctoring. We support “LockDown Browser” and the “Respondus Monitor” features. LockDown Browser is a browser feature used for exam sessions that “locks down” your computer during the session to prevent access to other applications, copying and pasting, task switching, and more. Respondus Monitor is a fully automated proctoring system that uses your webcam to record and analyze exam sessions. Video analytics, such as facial detection, motion, and lighting, as well as other patterns that could indicate cheating, are analyzed with artificial intelligence and if an incident is detected, the recording can be reviewed further by your faculty. You do not have to register with Respondus, nor schedule the exam session in advance. There are no wait times for using Respondus Monitor’s automated proctor system.

Respondus: Resources for Students

If your course is using Respondus, your faculty will provide specific instructions about the exam window, a practice test, and other specification. However, you can review these resources to prepare:


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