Guide - How to forward your USAHS email

Forwarding Email

Issue/Environment/User Role

These instructions are to facilitate Students, Faculty, and Staff of the University of St. Augustine forward their emails to an alternate email.


The user would like to forward their emails to an alternate email (someone else’s email, their personal email, etc.)


  1. Sign into USAHS Webmail ( using email and email password.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon near the top right corner of the screen:mceclip0.png
  3. Select “View all Outlook settings” at the bottom of the settings pop-up menu:mceclip1.png
  4. Select the “Mail” option and the “Forwarding” option:mceclip2.png
  5. Checkmark the “Enable forwarding” option and enter the email address where you would like your emails forwarded to.
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