Provide another user Host when not in a RingCentral meeting you scheduled.


  • An instructor or administrator needs to schedule a meeting and have another user be able to join and claim Host.


  • Ring Central Meetings

User Role

  • Instructor, Administrator, or any user’s with a RingCentral account scheduling a meeting for another user.


  • A User needs to schedule a meeting they will not be able to attend and provide Host abilities to another user.


  1. Schedule a meeting like normal, but click the “Advanced options button and check “Enable join before host”

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  1. Identify your Host key and provide this to the user you would like to be able to have Host abilities in the meeting. Click the icon with either your initials or your picture if one is set. Then click “Host Key”

mceclip2.png     mceclip3.png


  1. For the user joining the meeting to claim host. The User will need to join the meeting.  Once in the meeting click on the “Participants” button at the bottom of the meeting.



  1. Once the participants window is open they will see a “Claim Host” button at the bottom right of the participants window.


  1. A new window will come up asking for the Host key. The enter the key provided by the user who scheduled the meeting. Once entered you will be able to claim host and have all abilities to record or send users to breakout rooms as needed.



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