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  • How to edit the University Calendar


  • Microsoft Outlook

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The purpose of the University Calendar is to provide University of St. Augustine for Health

Sciences (USAHS) employee’s visibility to all dates related to university key dates and

operations, including cross-functional meetings and events.

Examples of calendar entries include:

Editors should create calendar entries using the instructions below. In order to maintain the quality of the University Calendar, it is imperative to follow these instructions carefully.

To create a new entry:

  1. Access the University Calendar on your Outlook Desktop application or web interface. Do not email invitations to universitycalendar@usa.edu.

Adding to Outlook on Your Windows Desktop

Adding the University Calendar on Outlook Web Application

  1. Add the event to the University Calendar using the following format.

  • Add the Title using sentence case.
    • Example: “Joint DPT Meeting”
  • Add the event to your local time zone. If it is an all-day event, be sure to select the “All day event” option for duration.
  • Add the Location.
    • For events that are not open to all, write “Invitees Only.”
    • For events that are open to all, add the meeting link.
    • For dates or events that do not have a specific location, leave blank.
  • In the Notes, use the following format to provide additional information:

Where appropriate, feel free to add additional details or supporting information, keeping in mind that calendar entries are not regularly monitored or proofread. As an Editor, you are entrusted with ensuring that entries follow the required format and represent the same quality and accuracy you would use for any University-wide communications.

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