Where to find USAHS Brand Logos, Media Release Forms, Letterheads, and Email Signature Templates


  • Where can I find the USAHS email template?
  • Where can I find media release forms?
  • Where can I find USAHS brand logos, templates, and digital signage?


  • usa.edu/brand-assets

User Role

  • Student, Faculty, Staff


Email Signature Template

Media Release Agreements

  • All non-USAHS employee subjects whose image, video, or voice will be used for marketing or promotional purposes — including print or digital communications, video, web, or social media — should complete a personal release.

    Please click the link below to digitally access the University’s student media release form. Note you must be logged in to myusa.edu to access this form. (Students must complete once for their entire student journey at USAHS.)
    Student Digital Release Form

  • OR Download the University’s official personal release form below. (Alumni, prospective students, and non-USAHS employees should use this form.)
    Media Release Agreement

Video Call Backgrounds

  • Present a professional look on video calls. Whether you are using RingCentral or Teams, these branded backgrounds will work for you.
    Download All Call Backgrounds

Letterhead Template

  • This is an easy-to-use Word template to ensure all our documents are on the same brand.
    Download Word Template

PowerPoint Template

Branded Presentation Poster Template


  • Our logo is one of the most recognizable elements of our brand, so it’s important to use it correctly and consistently. This section outlines which logos to use and how to use them. The logo comes in several versions to fit a variety of applications. Whenever possible, use the preferred version of the primary logo.
    Download Logos

Campus-Specific Logos

  • These logos are location-specific, so please only use them when appropriate. In most cases, please use the default primary logo unless the content is specifically related to the on-campus location.
    Download Campus Logos

Logos for Embroidery

  • If you need a logo suitable for embroidery on clothing items, download the files below. These are thicker versions of our logo that will look good on white coats, scrubs, etc. If you need more options, please contact marketing.
    Download Embroidery Logos


The information and links in this guide article can be found directly at usa.edu/brand-assets.

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