Outlook Calendar on the Web

Outlook Calendar on the Web

Issue/Environment/User Role

A user would like more information on the Outlook Calendar online.


The user has not used the Outlook Calendar online, or would simply like more information.


Schedule Meetings and track responses

          Step 1 – Schedule a meeting

          Select “New Event”, and then enter attendee names in the “Invite Attendees” box


          Step 2 – Get free/busy times for attendees

          Select “Scheduling Assistant” to see free/busy times


          Step 3 – Add a room

          In “Scheduling Assistant”, select the “Add a location or room” box, and select a room under “Suggested locations”, or select “Add Room” and then choose a room


          Step 4 – Make it a Online Meeting

          Select the “Add online meeting” drop down and select “Skype meeting” or “Teams meeting” to create an online meeting invite


          Step 5 – Attach a File

          Select “Attach ” and choose if you want to upload a file from your computer or a cloud storage account like OneDrive


          Step 6 – Track invite responses

          On your calendar, select the meeting to view the responses


Apply categories to sort your events

Right-click an event, select “Categorize”, and then select the category


Switch calendar views

In Calendar, select the current view option like “Work Week” and choose another view option


Add another calendar to your calendar view

To add another calendar to your calendar view, such as holidays, select “Discover calendars” in the navigation pane


Share a Calendar

To share your calendar with someone, select “Share” at the top of the page, enter the person’s name or email address, and select “Share


Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to Calendar

Ctrl + Shift + 2

Go to Mail

Ctrl + Shift + 1

Switch view to day (1), work week (2), week (3), or month (4)

Shift + Alt + [I,2,3,4]


For additional information on Outlook Calendar on the Web:

Outlook for Web Help - https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=864505

Differences between desktop, online, and mobile - https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=864504

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