Guide - How to create a shareable link to a onedrive file

Creating a Shareable Link from OneDrive

Issue/Environment/User Group

A student, faculty, of staff member of the University would like to share digital content with others that can evolve with the updates made to their personal document.


The user would like to create an easily accessible, secure link that certain individuals can access to review a video, look through notes, update a presentation, etc. that will automatically update with changes made to the document.


Using the OneDrive’s Share feature will allow you to share a file with others. They will be able to see changes you make to the document in real-time as well as be able to edit the document if given permission.

1. Right-click on the document you wish to share, and select “Share” with the OneDrive cloud next to it:

2. First, you will select what types of people are able to view the link. By selecting the first box you will be brought to a page to update access:mceclip0.png

    • The first option is “Anyone with the link” which will make the link completely open and the link can be shared freely. (1)This feature is not enabled at USAHS if it were it would enforce a 30 day expiration but it will be grayed out for you (2) You will also be able to allow editing, or protect the document by deselecting the check box. (3) You can also set a password:        mceclip1.png
    • People in the University of St Augustine with the link is the next option. This allows anyone with an email to log in and view the content. This option will not have an expiration, but will also not have the set password feature. You can allow or revoke editing.
    • People with existing access is the next option. This option is used when users already have access to the document through another avenue such as it was previously shared with them, it is also saved in a Team or SharePoint they are a member of.
    • The last option is Specific people. This allows you to enter the email of the specific individuals you would like to share the document with. The University currently has restriction in place where sharing outside of the organization is blocked, so these emails would need to be emails.

3. Once the type of people the link is accessible by, you will now decide how to share the content.

    • Specifically important for when sharing with specific people, but can be used with any option; you will be able to (1) enter individual emails and click (2) send to send an automated email allowing others access through the link:                        mceclip3.png
    • You can simply copy the link if there is a specific avenue you would like to share the content (Google Doc, personal email, text message, etc.):                 mceclip4.png
    • Last, you can select “Outlook” to create a simple Outlook email that will already contain the link to the shared file:                                                                     mceclip5.png

You can also find more general information at this page from Microsoft: Sharing files, folders, and list items.


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