FAQ - How to setup virtual background (RingCentral)

RingCentral Virtual Backgrounds

Issue/Environment/User Group

User would like to use virtual backgrounds during a RingCentral Meeting.


The user would like to apply a virtual background.


  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of RingCentral Meetings (can be downloaded at https://support.ringcentral.com/downloads.html). The version can be checked in the control panel > add/remove programs.
  2. Have the background that you want downloaded and saved to your computer (or cloud drive such as OneDrive). You can find University approved backgrounds here: https://www.usa.edu/assets/.
  3. When you are in the RingCentral Virtual meeting click the up pointing arrow to the right of the video icon:                                                                                         mceclip0.png
  4. From the pop-up window select “Choose a Virtual Background”:                                                 mceclip1.png
  5. Beneath your video you will see Choose a Virtual Background. From here you can either choose a existing background, or click + Add Image to locate the saved background you would like to use:mceclip2.png
  6. Once you have your desired background selected (the image will be surrounded by a blue line), you will close the settings page and turn on your video. This video will now have a virtual background.
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