How to - Collaborate Ultra Recordings

Collaborate Ultra – Recording Sessions 


  1. Select the Recording you want to start.1ultrarecording.png
  2. Select Join session.2ultrarecording.png
  3. Click on Open session menu.3ultrarecording.png
  4. Select Start Recording.



  1. A notification will appear that the recording has started.5ultrarecording.png
  2. To Stop the recording go the Open session menu.6ultrarecording.png
  3. Select Stop Recording.7ultrarecording.png
  4. A notification will appear that the recording has stopped.8ultrarecording.png
  5. The recording will then be available for faculty and students to view. From the Collaborate Ultra page you can filter by All Upcoming Sessions, All Previous Sessions and Session in Range. Select All Previous Sessions.9ultrarecording.png
  6. From the Sessions bar click on Menu icon.10ultrarecording.png
  7. Click on Recordings and choose the recording you want to view.11ultrarecording.png
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