How to - Collaborate Course Room

Collaborate Ultra – Using the Course Room Tutorial

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra offers a Course Room which is an open session to your course.

  1. Click on Course Room.1.png
  2. Select the Sessions Options to make changes to the Course Room.2.png
  3. From the Sessions Options, you can Join Course Room, Edit Settings, View Reports, Copy guest link, and Lock course room.3.png
  4. From the Course Room menu, you can edit the Session Settings.4.png
  5. Select Join Course Room.5.png
  6. Once in the Course Room you will see the Session menu and Collaborate panel. Select the Session menu.6.png
  7. In the Session menu you can Start Recording, Use your phone for audio, and Report an issue.7.png
  8. Select Collaborate panel.8.png
  9. From the Collaborate panel you find someone within the course to chat with.9.png
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