How to - Grade Assignments with Blackboard Annotate

Grading Assignments with Blackboard Annotate


From the activity stream, you're alerted when student submissions are ready for grading. Select the link to go to the gradebook. Or, select an assignment on the Course Content page to see how many students have made submissions.Picture1.png

When you access an assignment, the Content and Settings page displays the instructions and files you provided, and details such as the due date. Select the Settings icon to make changes. For example, you can change the grading schema at any time and the change will show to students and in your gradebook.2.png

View the rubric. If you associated a rubric with the assignment, you can review it.





Assignment submissions list page

The submissions list page displays all enrolled students. You can search for a student or a group and select how many items to display on the page. The system remembers your selection, so if you leave and come back, the setting is retained in the next session. You can select which page to view at the bottom of the screen.

Use the Filter menu to display only those submissions that need grading. At this time, you can filter by All statuses and Needs grading. The Filter menu doesn't appear for group and discussion items.3.png

Keep track of all submissions on one page. Quickly see which attempts are ready to grade. Student profile pictures appear with a red circle when they have late submissions or the due date has passed with no attempt submitted.

Access the details. Review the instructions and settings at any time. For example, select the Content and Settings link to return to the assignment page.

View students with accommodations. You can set accommodations for individual students and exempt them from requirements, such as assessment due dates and time limits. Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements. In the gradebook and roster, icons appear next to the names of students with accommodations.

Start grading. Select student names to access their individual submissions, and assign grades and provide feedback. Type a numeric value of no more than five digits. You can include two additional digits after a decimal point. You can also assign grades directly on this page. These grades are override grades. An override label appears next to the grade. After you assign a value, click anywhere outside the grade area to save.4.png

View submission timestamps

When you start or review grading, you can point to a submission timestamp to view more information. Timestamps appear on students' submission pages and on their attempts panels when you've allowed multiple attempts for an assessment.

For example, on a student's submission page, you can view when the student made the submission and when you posted the grade. The timestamp appears in red with a "late" label after the due date passes.5.gif




For multiple attempts, on the Submissions list page, select a student's name to open the attempts panel. Point to a timestamp to view the additional information.6.gif

Feedback panel

Open an attempt. On the Submission page, select the feedback icon to open the feedback panel. The panel remains in place as you scroll through the assignment and add overall feedback and a grade.

When you post grades, students can view them and any feedback you provided. All feedback for all attempts, even ungraded attempts, shows to students.7.png


Bb Annotate

You can annotate and grade student files directly within the browser with Bb Annotate. Bb Annotate is supported on the same browsers Blackboard Learn supports.

You can use BB Annotate for inline grading in your courses. Bb Annotate offers a more robust feature set to provide customizable feedback to students. Features include a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and much more.8.png

Grade an assignment with multiple attempts

When you create an assignment, you can choose to let students submit more than one attempt. Multiple attempts change how the assignment's final grade is automatically calculated. Choose how you want to calculate the final grade:

  • Average of all attempts
  • First attempt with a grade
  • Attempt with highest grade
  • Last attempt with a gradAttempt with lowest grade9.png
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